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Dean's Message


Based upon the unlimited support for higher education from the Saudi Government, the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) at King Saud University (KSU)is keen to improve its educational environment for its students male and female. Because of the importance of CAMS and its great contributions in the development of health services, KSU accord to CAMS a great support for all of its activities. The quality of students learning outcomes is mainly based on the quality of learning environment and resources, including curriculums, faculty and facilities. In order to achieve an outstanding educational environment, CAMS focus first, on the development and improvement of the facilities by providing the best equipment for laboratories, lecture rooms and library. Second, CAMS attracts outstanding faculty from the entire world to ensure highest level of quality of learning, research and community services. CAMS is also striving to ensure quality assurance system for administrative and learning processes. For all of its programs, CAMS is in permanent contact with stakeholders to improve the internship training year, in order to ensure a highly qualified professional. Finally, I ask Almighty God to help us to succeed and makes our work all purely for Allah Dean of CAMS