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Vision, Mission

Vision, Mission and Goals

Achieving leadership and creation in clinical laboratory sciences.

Provision of an excellent academic learning and clinical practice experience for students in the field of clinical laboratory sciences, and mold graduates with professional ethics in conformity with global standards and creative to both community service and scientific research.


1- Updating study plans and curricula of different fields of Clinical laboratory Sciences.

2- Appreciating laboratory safety applied to the different disciplines of the clinical laboratory sciences Department.

3- Continuously assess and update the undergraduate internship program.

4- Assessing and updating the master's program in CLS.

5- Founding a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences program.

6- Enhancing research activities by means of ever-growing research groups and chairs

7- Encouragement of official scientific publication of undergraduate students' graduation projects.

8- Setting up specialized workshops aimed at graduates and medical technologists

9- Raising public awareness of the discipline through conferences and symposiums

10- Founding of a service laboratory aimed at the public services.