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M.Sc. Research Projects

Previous Master Research Projects

  1. Molecular Epidemiology of Transfusion Transmitted Hepatitis Virus among Saudis
    By Maha Ahmed Ali AL-Mozaini .
  2. Study of Serum Ferritin & Other Haematological Parameters in Pregnancy
    By Mashaael Al-Toub.
  3. Echis Coloratus Cruds Venom Proteins Fractionation & Biological Effects
    By Hassen Yahia Haddad.
  4. Haemostatic Activation Markers in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure
    By Amany Ali Ballow.
  5. Studies of Factors Influencing Oxygen Free Radicals Production By Polymorphonuclear Cells in Diabetic Patients
    By Hudy Saad Al-Baker.
  6. In-Vitro Efects of Melatonin on The Physiological Activity of Human Blood Immune Cells in Relation to Age & Sex
    By Baqer Taher Ali AL-Ali.
  7. Purification & Characterization of the Broth Culture Filtrate Antigen of the Pathogen Madurella Mycetomatis
    By Fadwa Obaid Al-Shareef.