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مراجع مفيدة عن أخلاقيات إجراء البحث العلمي

Institutional review boards: what's old? What's new? What needs to change

Institution animal care and use committees need greater ethical diversity

 Involving patients in research: considering good practice.

 Institutional review board (IRB) and ethical issues in clinical research

 Analysis of Animal Research Ethics Committee Membership at American Institutions.

Retrospective research: What are the ethical and legal requirements

Research ethics and infection control

 The historical, ethical, and legal background of human-subjects research

How to do human-subjects research if you do not have an institutional review board.

 Informed consent: what is it? Who can give it? How do we improve it

The purpose, composition, and function of an institutional review board: balancing priorities.

 Research subjects with limited English proficiency: ethical and legal issues

 Human subjects issues and IRB review in practice-based research

Best practices for animal care committees and animal use oversight.



مراجع مفيدة عن الأخلاقيات في النشر العلمي

Authorship and the role of medical writers

Authorship. Author saw fraud, misconduct, and unfairness to more junior staff.

Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics: a publisher's perspective.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Guidelines on good publication practice.

Conflict of interest policies should be better reported in dental journals.

Conflicts of interest, authorship, and disclosures in industry-related scientific publications.

A matter of trust: introducing the journal scientific integrity policy.

Misconduct by researchers and authors

Plagiarism in scientific publications

Publication ethics and scientific misconduct

Publication ethics: clinical chemistry editorial standards

Scientific discourse, corporate ghostwriting, journal policy, and public trust.

A solution to inappropriate self-citation via peer review

Sponsorship, authorship, and accountability




مراجع مفيدة عن أفضل الممارسات في الكتابة والنشر

A guide to writing peer-reviewed publications: a common program requirement and resume builder.

How to respond to referee comments for scientific articles?

How to write a scientific manuscript for publication.

How to write a scientific paper: three tips to remember.

How to write an original research paper (and get it published).

Impact factor? Shmimpact factor!: the journal impact factor, modern day literature searching, and the publication process.

Manuscript preparation and publication.

On being the Editor of the Medical Journal of Australia: Living dangerously.

Preparing a manuscript for submission.

Publication of research article: an art or science?

Publishing in peer review journals--criteria for success.

Quality of scientific articles.

Selecting the right journal for your submission.

Teaching how to prepare a manuscript by means of rewriting published scientific papers.

Ten tips for authors of scientific articles.

Tips for writing a case report for the novice author.

The top 10 reasons why manuscripts are not accepted for publication.

Writing a Successful Grant: Tips and Tools.

Writing for publication--a guide for new authors.




مراجع مفيدة عن الممارسة المبنية على البراهين والتطبيق العملي للمعرفة

Applying knowledge translation theory to physical therapy research and practice in balance and gait assessment: case report.

Does journal club membership improve research evidence uptake in different allied health disciplines: a pre-post study.

Education in health research methodology: use of a wiki for knowledge translation.

Evidence based medicine guidelines: a solution to rationing or politics disguised as science?

An evidence-based framework to measure quality of allied health care.

Evidence-based Health Care Continuing Education Seminars Improve Academic Staff Knowledge and Attitudes in Saudi Arabia.

Evidence-based medicine: is it a bridge too far?

Evidence-based medicine: what it can and cannot do.

Knowledge translation in audiology: promoting the clinical application of best evidence.

Knowledge translation: translating research into policy and practice.

Original research in pathology: judgment, or evidence-based medicine?

Principles of evidence based medicine.

Promoting evidence-based practice through a research training program for point-of-care clinicians.

Reporting guidelines in health research: A review.

A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare.

Systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions.

Translating knowledge in rehabilitation: systematic review.

True translational research: bridging the three phases of translation through data and behavior.