Leadership and excellence in the field of Clinical Nutrition.


Graduating qualified Clinical Nutrition specialists provided with sufficient knowledge and skills and armed with values required for professional practices and leadership in the field of Clinical Nutrition that meet the aspirations of the community at the national and international levels.


1.    Provide the students with outstanding educational experiences in the field of clinical nutrition according to international standards that develop their professional practices.

2.    Build the students' competencies of critical thinking, problem-solving and effective communication that help them dealing with various nutritional problems in collaboration with the health care team and other nutrition- related sectors.

3.    Integrate community service activities into the program to adopt healthy nutrition attitudes and behaviors and instill values of compassion, loyalty and belonging among students.

4.    Foster the principles of life-long learning to empower students' professional self-development, and encourage their participation in conferences, workshops and clinical nutrition-related scientific research activities.