Master Degree Programs

Master Degree in Clinical Nutrition



The College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) is one of the six health colleges at King Saud University, and the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. CAMS has two campuses at Al Dariya; one for male students and another for Female students. CAMS was established in 1396H (1977), under the name "College of Nursing". The college name was changed to its current name "College of Applied Medical Sciences" in 1406H (1986). CAMS has seven scientific departments, which offer 12 undergraduate academic programs in addition to four graduate programs.

The Bachelor program of Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Community Health Sciences was established in 1981 being the first clinical nutrition program in the Middle East. This program is accredited by the Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) from the German Accreditation Council. In 1988, the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition program was established responding to the fast expansion and modernization of health services and facilities and to continue the leadership role in the clinical nutrition field. Since that date, the program continue graduating high qualified dietitian to practice clinical nutrition and dietetics in Saudi Arabia and to administer clinical nutrition services through different positions in the community. A total of 69 students were graduated from the Master program (thesis option) until the end of the year 1437 (2016). The research areas in the program include Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition Education, Weight Management, Diet and Chronic Disease Prevention, and other topics of interest to health practitioners.


Degree's Name:

  • Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition


Program's teaching Language:

  • English


Program's Vision

  • Regional leadership and excellence in the field of clinical nutrition.


Program's Mission

  • To integrate graduate education and research with supervised practice to prepare dietitians with advanced clinical nutrition knowledge and clinical skills to benefit the nutrition and health status of individuals and communities in KSA and other countries all over the world.


Program's Objectives

  1. Provide the required knowledge and practical and research skills needed to provide nutritional care to individuals and groups
  2. Give the opportunity for eligible students to continue their graduate studies in Clinical Nutrition in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Prepare graduates to take leadership roles as nutrition professionals
  4. Support the research outcomes in the field of clinical nutrition
  5. To increase the number of health practitioners who are eligible to be accredited as a clinical nutrition specialist I in Saudi Arabia.