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Mission and Vission

Vision of QAA

Creativity and excellence in the practice of quality assurance at CAMS in order to achieve a prominent international position.


Mission of QAA

Apply a quality Assurance system to ensure and improve the quality at CAMS in order to achieve the academic accreditation. Quality and Accreditation unit tasks: Promote a culture of quality at the college or unit. Evaluating the level of performance in college or management. Work on the implementation and follow-up evaluation and academic accreditation. Develop and implement strategic plans to the college or administration. Identify and suggest possible improvement projects. Provide suggestions about teams to work on projects proposed by the unit. Encouraging faculty staff or management of the initiative of proposing projects and help them in making these suggestions. Providing the necessary facilities for all teams based on the application of quality. Document the efforts and the results of the application and uploaded by the Deanship of quality. Data collection and information on an ongoing basis on the activities of quality in the college or unit. Prepare periodic reports on the levels of performance and satisfaction of beneficiaries in each activity. Follow up the procedures for awards of excellence in college. Perform other tasks assigned to the unit in terms of quality and application.