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The Patients' Bill of Rights

  1. The Department of Radiological Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University is committed to deliver high quality health care and medical imaging services to all patients without discrimination.
  2. All patients have the right for a positive disposition displayed by health care providers that demonstrates courtesy, respect, human dignity and tolerance under all circumstances, besides an understanding of the patient's cultural background and privacy.
  3. For all patients, he/she:
    1. Has the right of access to health care or medical services by a qualified and highly trained health care or medical provider.
    2. Has the right to know the clearly identified person (name and occupational status) who is to provide the health care.
    3. Has the right to enquire and be given full and detailed information about the proposed investigation and about any expected subsequent side effects before initiation of the investigation.
    4. Has the right to enquire and be given full and detailed information about any investigation and its expected side effects. The health care provider is committed to thoroughly explain the details and side effects of such investigation prior to giving any written consent (for some investigations).
    5. Has the right to have the information concerning his/her health or social information not to be disclosed and must be kept strictly secret, except with informed consent or when required in terms of any law or an order of the court.
    6. Has the right to discuss the service he/she had received, and comment on it in a constructive and descent way.
    7. He/she is entitled for a written certificate stating the duration of time he/she had spent in the department (if requested).