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Dental Health Department

Hello and welcome to the Department of Dental Health at the College of Applied Medical Sciences.

We offer students the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and develop the necessary practical skills through our academic programs, which qualify them to develop their skills and work as professionals in the field of applied dental sciences.

The Department of Dental Health at King Saud University offers two programs:

1- Dental Technology Program

2- Dental hygiene Program


Department Vision

Leadership at a regional level and a global reputation in the field of oral and dental health specialties.



Department Mission

Contributing to the advancement of oral and dental health services for the Saudi community through the training of specialized personnel in oral and dental health with global competitive capabilities, and providing an environment conducive to learning, creativity, and the production of scientific research that contributes to building a knowledge society. 



Department Golas

  • Offering distinguished academic programs in oral and dental health specialties according to local and global standards of quality and academic accreditation.
  • Preparing leading health personnel in the field of oral and dental health, distinguished by high professional, intellectual, and research skills.
  • Providing an academic and administrative environment that stimulates learning, production, and creativity.
  • Supporting the conduct and publication of research in dental specialties that contribute to scientific and technological progress.
  • Establishing effective partnerships with educational organizations and distinguished research centers both domestically and internationally.
  • Actively contributing to the service and development of the knowledge society in spreading the culture of oral and dental health.






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