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The College of Applied Medical Sciences is one of the leading providers of quality health courses in the Kingdom, including the programs of Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology under the Department of Dental Health. The Department provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify Dental Hygienists and Technologists to provide medical and educational services and to contribute effectively by improving the quality of life within the Saudi community in accordance to the vision of the Kingdom 2030. In addition, the Dental Health Department offers various community services such as public educational activities and school visits related to oral health and dental care. It also provides treatment services in its state-of-the-art clinics through our specialized staff. The department is also keen to keep up-to-date with the developments in dental technology and work with public and private sectors to hold workshops and lectures for those interested in this field and conduct research related to dental technology and materials in cooperation with researchers at home and abroad. Please feel free to check our website and contact us for any suggestions or enquires. My sincere greetings and appreciation Dr. Omar A. Alsadon


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Dental Health Department



Regional Leadership with global reputation in the fields of applied dental sciences.



To contribute in the promotion of the dental health services to the Saudi Community through graduating qualified dental health professionals with the ability to compete internationally in dental professions, to provide an environment that encourages learning and creativity, and to produce scientific research that contributes in building the knowledge society.



  • Provide dental health programs according to quality standards and academic accreditation. 

  • Prepare dental health care professionals with high conceptual, professional, leadership and research skills. 

  • Provide academic and administrative environment that encourages learning, productivity and creativity. 

  • Support conducting and publishing dental health research that contribute to technological and dental advances. 

  • Establish effective partnerships with distinctive educational organizations and research centers locally and abroad. 

  • Effectively contribute in community services and development.