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Chairman Messeage



The Dental Health Department contains two programs: Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology, which are among the leading and distinguished programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Dental Health Department aims to qualify specialists and practitioners equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary in the fields of dental hygiene and technology. This is to contribute to providing high-efficiency preventive and therapeutic services that help improve the quality of life. The Dental Health Department offers a variety of community services by providing therapeutic services in its clinics, which are equipped with the latest equipment and specialised staff in oral health and dental hygiene, and through contributing to community awareness via scientific and educational lectures and school visits, as well as conducting scientific research related to dental techniques and health. The Dental Health Department is staffed by faculty, researchers, and health professionals committed to the latest in dental technology and hygiene practices. Their dedication not only advances healthcare but also inspires a culture of innovation and learning among staff, the community, and students.


Dr. Omar Alageel

Last updated on : December 20, 2023 3:03pm