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Dental Technology Program


The recent advances and progress of dental sciences has been due to the continuous need for better control and treatment of dental diseases. This progress demanded however, well trained professional personal specialized in diagnosis and dental treatments. The Dental Technology Program is one of two programs offered by the Dental Health Department. Its curriculum aims to qualify students of high, refined levels in both the theoretical and practical aspects of dental technology. It will also enhance the student’s skills and capabilities to perform their expected role in the rapidly progressing dental services in the Kingdom. The Dental Technology Program prepares students to gain experiences in all advanced dental technology aspects: Complete Denture Prosthodontics. Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics. Fixed Restorative Prosthodontics. Orthodontic appliances. Maxillofacial Prosthetic appliances. The program comprises the study of structure and function of masticatory system and the most appropriate way of teeth restoration. The dental technology profession allows a variety of chances to those interested in being members of the dental team. The dental technologist is expected to have vast career opportunities in private and national laboratories to fulfill their needs. Dental technologists are also qualified to direct and supervise the different dental laboratories in dental industries, research and marketing. Saudi government who have passed with "Excellent" or "Very Good" grades may be appointed as Demonstrators in the College, which give them the opportunity to continue higher studies in the Kingdom and abroad.


To be a leading dental technology program in the kingdom, regionally and internationally.


To graduate dental technologist equipped with knowledge, skills, and competencies to practice the profession to contribute significantly to scientific research and be committed to community services, thus improving oral and dental health and quality of life among the Saudi society. 

  • Provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of dental technology practices in terms of theoretical knowledge, practice, and skills used for the construction of fixed and removable dental prostheses as well as orthodontic and maxillofacial appliances.

  • Ensure the development of practical competencies for constructing dental prostheses and appliances in collaboration with a real-life working environment.

  • Conduct dental technology-based research activities for providing inspirational teaching and contributing to the development of dental health sciences.

  • Develop transferable skills applied to the working environment such as independent learning, problem-solving, assessment planning, time management, and dental laboratory management.


Dental Technology Curriculum

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