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Dental Hygiene Program


In view of the development in modern dentistry, and with the need to control and treat oral diseases, work has developed on the rehabilitation of technical cadres specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases, which led to the establishment of a dental care program that produces qualified specialists to plan and administer programs to promote public health and help patients And guide them to the latest preventive methods in maintaining oral and dental health, and the work of oral and curative preventive measures. They also have several job opportunities in the private or governmental field and they can continue their higher education in several areas extending the specialization.


Regional leadership with global reputation in the dental hygiene profession.


To prepare competent graduates equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute in evidence‐based patient treatment; preventive dental health education; community service; committed to lifelong learning and promotion of dental research to advance the profession.

  • Deliver knowledge and practical skills through new teaching methods and advanced technologies enabling the dental hygiene professionals to provide optimal dental hygiene patient care while valuing and adhering to the ethical beliefs.

  • Conduct research activities through faculty and students to promote oral and dental health of the community.

  • Engage in community oral and dental health-based activities to promote general health and overall wellness of the community.


Dental Hygiene Curriculum

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