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Vision and Mission


Contribution to raise the quality level of the health care sector in the Kingdom od Saudi Arabia with regard the medical devices and products sector

Offering a high-quality program to educate highly competent graduates in the field of biomedical instrumentation technology to support the health care sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Offer an internationally competing biomedical instrumentation technology program
  2. Prepare competent graduates to work in a highly innovative biomedical technology environment.


1. Keeping the program in pace with the rapidly changing biomedical technologies.
2. Recruiting qualified teaching staff.
3. Providing adequate facilities.
4. Equipping the students with the knowledge, skills, and tools required for biomedical technology profession.
5. Developing the students’ crit ical thinking skill to tackle professional issues.  
6. Providing graduates with communication, information technology and long-life learning skills.  
7. Equipping graduates with the profession responsibility and ethics.