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Basic Biomedical Instrumentation LAB

Basic Biomedical Instrumentation LAB

Lab No: G170

Lab. Coordinator: Eng. Mohamed Shaban


  1. BMT315 Introduction to bio-Electronics

  2. BMT 376 Hospital and Electrical Safty

  3. 484 Automation Biomedical Laboratory Equipments Lab. Eqipments

A) Biomedical Instrumentation Trainning Unit

  • Biosignal Trainning Unit

  • Biomedical Sensor Trainning Unit

  • Fiber Optics Trainning Unit

  • Safety Device Trainning Unit

B) Biomedical Equipments analyzers and patient simulators  

  • Universal Safety Analyzer

  • Ground Fault Interrupter

  • Line Isolator Monitor

  • Line Tester

  • Multiparameter Simulator

  • EMG Simulator

  • EEG Simulator

  • Infant ECG Simulator

  • Infusion Pump Tester

  • Oxygen Saturation Tester

  • NIBP Simulator

  • Cardiac output Simulator

  • Electrosurgry Simulator

  • Defibrilator Analyzer

  • c) Electronic Components Tester and analyzer