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Welcome to the Optometry Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, where excellence in vision care education is our commitment. Our diverse programs, including the  Optometry Doctor Program, Master of Science in Optometry, and Opticianry Technology Program, reflect our dedication to providing a comprehensive educational experience. Whether you aspire to become a skilled optician, pursue a doctorate in optometry, or engage in advanced studies with our master's program, our department stands at the forefront, shaping future leaders in eye care. Join us on a transformative journey where each program is crafted to meet the highest standards of academic rigor and practical expertise, preparing you for a successful and impactful career in the dynamic field of optometry.


Optometry Department Vision
Excellence, leadership, and innovation in the field of optometry and vision sciences.

Optometry Department Mission
To prepare qualified, professional, national graduates in the field of optometry and vision sciences and contribute to serving the community by offering various learning programs and contributing to scientific research to the expectation of community, national, and international standards.

Optometry Department Goals
To graduate professionals who are competent and able to provide primary eye care services that are comparable to the best international standards in optometry.

Contribute to the Saudi Nationalisation of the optometry sector and improve the quality of services provided in light of the Kingdom’s vision of 2030

Conduct research using evidence-based method that contribute to the scientific advancement in the field and serve the community.

Collaborate with government institutions and actively participate in community service activities and initiatives to promote eye health and vision awareness.




Embarking on a journey through our academic programs, students at the Optometry Department gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, positioning them as proficient opticians, optometrists, and researchers. Our department provides the following programs:

Optometry Doctor Program 

The program is fully accredited by the NCAAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment), a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest academic standards.

Master of Science  in Optometry

Join us at the Optometry Department, where we are shaping the future of eye care professionals through education, training, and practical experience across our Optometry Optician Diploma, Optometry Doctor Program, and Master of Optometry Sciences. Together, we are making a significant difference in the world of eye health.

Opticinary Technology Program


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