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Mission Vision and Goals

The Vision
Leadership and excellence in education, research and community service in the field of Optometry and Vision Sciences

The Mission
To produce well-rounded graduates, in the new and exciting field of Optometry and Vision Science, who – in collaboration with the government, industry and the wider community – will contribute to primary eye-care, vision research, and community outreach programs, with the aim of improving eye-care delivery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The goals of the Department of Optometry focus on six areas
1. Teaching: The Department aims to be recognized as an excellent department in teaching.
2. Patient care: To train in sufficient numbers students who will be able to provide efficient, cost-effective and goals-oriented vision care tailored to the specific needs of individual patients.
3. Research: To build a culture of clinical and basic research in Optometry and Vision Sciences with a view to creating a centre of research excellence in Saudi Arabia and in the wider Middle East.
4. Facilities: To have state-of-the-art facilities, training programs and paradigms, that create an integrative approach to education, research, training, and service delivery.

As far as preparing students for careers in Optometry and Vision Sciences, the goals of the optometry program are
1. To qualify men and women for the practice of optometry.
2. To instill in the graduate a scientific and professional attitude.
3. To provide a background for the graduate's contribution to the civic and social welfare of the community.
4. To encourage and facilitate research in the clinical aspects of optometry to contribute to the scientific and professional literature.