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Graduation Requirements

1) Preparatory Year

  a) Intensive English Courses
  As the instruction medium in the College is English, an intensive English course for at least one   semester is required. Attending such a course will exempt a student from the university and college requirements of English language (i.e. 9 credit hours).

  b) Unified Program for Health Colleges
  It is a one semester program where student has to successfully complete 14 credit hours before joining the College of his or her choice. The courses are:
Chem-105 General Chemistry 2 hours
Chem-106 Organic Chemistry 2 hours
Phys-106 General Physics 4 hours
Stat-106 Biostatistics 2 hours
Zool-106 General Zoology 4 hours

  c) The Unified College Core
  It is for one semester and the student has to finish 13 credit hours before joining the specialized program; the courses are:
CHS-241 Health Care Professions and Systems 3 hours
NU R-241 Basic Emergency Care 2 hours
CLS-225 Medical Terminology 2 hours
BMT-227 Introduction to Computer 2 hours
RHS-211 Basic Physiology 2 hours
RHS-212 Basic Anatomy 2 hours

2) Specialty Program (Departments)
After successful completion of the united College core, the student should join one of 7 different specialized Departments for 3 years (six semesters or levels) comprising 129-136 credit hours.

3) University Requirements
As university requirements, all students must successfully complete 8 hours of Islamic culture and 4 hours of Arabic language prior to their graduation. The courses are:
IC-101 Introduction to Islamic Culture 2 hours
IC-102 Islam and the Construction 2 hours
IC-103 The Islamic Economic 2 hours
IC-104 Fundamentals of Islamic Politics 2 hours
Arab-101 Language Skills 2 hours
Arab-102 Expository Writing 2 hours

4) Internship Program
After completing the academic requirements, students have to complete a training period (internship) for one calendar year in hospitals or related health administration institution following a training program approved by their departments, with mutual supervision between the College and training institution. After successfully completing the internship period, the students receive certificates which entitle them to practice their profession.