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Mission and Goals of PT Program

The mission of the PT program is " To enhance the quality of physical therapy and rehabilitation services nationally and globally through preparing qualified and creative physical therapists who can provide preventive and rehabilitative services to the community, serve the community, and help in producing creative scientific research that helps in developing the physical therapy profession".

The program goals are:
1.    To provide an excellent physical therapy education with high-quality evidence-based physical therapy practice that is competent nationally and internationally.
2.    To prepare highly competent physical therapists who can work independently or within a team and have the ability to participate in scholarly and research activities to promote physical therapy practice.
3.    To participate effectively in community services and development that meet the needs of our patients, profession, and community.
4.    To establish effective collaboration with unique educational organizations and research centers both nationally and internationally.

Last updated on : April 22, 2024 2:21pm