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Head Message

There is no doubt that education is the true measure of the progress of nations and peoples, as they won the nation in this area of progress as far as established itself as Bin nations, as they were standing at the international level and globally. That fact made by the leadership of this country may God keep him from all harm and was well behind the overall educational renaissance in all fields.

  One of the important aspects is the rehabilitation of health, a medical section, which has witnessed important in the last quarter of the twentieth century very sophisticated and widespread all over the world .. Which made us in the Kingdom monitor him special attention so that we abreast of the evolution of the scientific world. Section was created health rehabilitation Applied Medical Sciences Faculty since Twenty-seven years during which the graduation numbers of physiotherapist and specialist treatment ills speech and hearing through a bachelor list scientific distinguished professors and specialists for their corresponding counterparts in the world in order to meet the needs of those cadres Kingdom Scientific qualifying , which has become indispensable for any medical facility that wants to lead his to the fullest. 

Witnessed over the educational process that stage developed considerably since changed the list of the curriculum three times to keep up with new always on the world level and the number of faculty members of the ousted faces increase in the preparation of the next section of the study. 

The culmination of the efforts of the section in the process of development and to dream as long as we had, and the University kindly agreed to start master's program in physical therapy to be the first program on the level of the Arabian Gulf and the entire second level of the Arab world, which has been under study and revision at least three years. During the scientific study of regulations to the degree of Master of European and American universities and Arab similar In light has been developed curricula for the program consistent with the public interest, which serves our society and our country, Which by the level of student we have at least in any way than in any other country in the world. 

God of the intent behind it guides the way.


Dr. Saad Alhammad

Last updated on : April 28, 2024 8:46am