Dental Technology Program Curriculum




Code and NO


First (preparatory) year

1st level

CT 140

IT Skills

MATH 140

Introduction to Mathematics

MC 140

Communication Skills

ENGL 140

English (1)

2nd level

STAT 145


ZOOL 145

General Zoology

PHYS 145

General Physics

CHEM 145

Organic Chemistry for health sciences

ENGL 145

English for Medical Purposes

 Second year

3rd level

ARAB 103

Expository writing

DEH 211

Dental Anatomy

DEH 221

Introduction to Dental Technology

DEH 223

Dental Materials-1

CLS 224

Basic Anatomy and Physiology


BMT 227

Introduction to Computer Systems

4th level

DEH 217

Dental Occlusion

DEH 231

Complete Denture Prosthodontics-1

DEH 232

Removable Partial Prosthodontics-1

DEH 233

Fixed Restorative Prosthodontics-1



CHS 243

Basics of emergency Care

Third year

5th level

IC 106

Medical Jurisprudence

DEH 331

Complete Denture Prosthodontics-2

DEH 333

Removable Partial Prosthodontics-2

DEH 334

Fixed Restorative Prosthodontics-2


Hospital Safety


DEH 332

Complete Denture Prosthodontics-3

DEH 335

Removable Partial Prosthodontics-3

DEH 336

Fixed Restorative Prosthodontics-3

DEH 381

Clinical Practice-I

Fourth year

7th level

DEH 323

Dental Ceramics

DEH 421

Maxillofacial Technology

DEH 431


DEH 433

Advanced Removable Partial Denture

DEH 434

Advanced Complete Denture Prosthodontics

DEH 482

Clinical Practice II

8th level

DEH 423

Advanced Ceramics

DEH 424

Dental Materials Evaluation-1

DEH 427

New Advances in Dental Technology

DEH 432

Advanced Orthodontics

DEH 483

Clinical Practice III