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Graduation Unit Objectives

Graduation Unit Objectives


1.Establishing a contact point between the college and its graduates which contribute in a direct communication and closer relationship between the college graduates.

2.Promote interdependence and cooperation among graduates from all programs each according to his specialty.

3.Help graduates in the job field and to overcome the difficulties they may face during the professional exercise.

4.Enrich the knowledge of graduates in the field of scientific research and new technologies, exchange ideas and experiences among the graduates in their respective specialization.

5.Contribute to spread the awareness and the culture of continuing education by issuing bulletins and specialized journals and to provide opportunities for scientific meetings and to invite specialists and interested scientists to participate to submit scientific papers.

6.Service program members of the graduate students in the period of their education within and outside the Kingdom.

7.Facilitate integration with other universities and other educational institutions and take advantage of its capabilities and services provided in supporting the program and its members.

8.Establishment and encouragement of scientific links to the College and the graduates with research centers and international scientific societies. And take advantage of a scientific relations network for the centers.

9.Establishment of a special program of saudian specialized medical associations.

10.Establishing window for the College in the service of Saudi society through their graduates to make a link to transfer the knowledge and advanced civilization to the society.

11.Establishing a database for graduates.

12.Establishing Database for specialized scientific centers, and scientists in the various sciences for use in cases of professional cooperation and research, academic purposes and academic judgments.

13.Cooperate with the college graduates in the development of the college and its programs.

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