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About CLS Dept.

About the Department:

Clinical Laboratory Sciences is one of the major medical specialties in the medical system where the working group responsible for this specialization to conduct laboratory diagnosis according to the latest laboratory techniques, one of the diagnostic methods contributes to the clinical diagnosis.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences include several different disciplines is divided into four major pathways is the science of medical microbiology, clinical biochemistry, hematology and blood transfusions, histology and pathological cells.

  • Medical Microbiology to examine the micro-organisms that cause diseases, where the student learns the methods of isolation and identification of these microbes for the diagnosis of infection and treat them appropriately.
  •  In clinical biochemistry, students learn methods of measuring and monitoring changes in the human body in the case of the disease.
  • The diseases that affect red blood cells, white and platelets and leukemia is the subject of study in hematology. Also, knowledge of blood transfusion and safe methods for the transfer of blood and blood components from donors to those who need it.
  • The science of tissue and cells sick studying the cells and tissues and changes in the cells and tissues in the case of the disease.
  • The branch of the four tracks above decisions of the more specialized taught students as they progress in the plan of study, he knew Microbiology Branch inherently interdisciplinary science of viruses, bacteria and science Mycology This is in addition to the knowledge of parasites.
  • The science of AIDS - which has become a specialized and separate from the Microbiology - means to study the immune system and its components and the different immune responses as well as diseases arising from imbalances (immune diseases), diagnosis.
  • As a sort of molecular diagnostics, the latest advances in disease diagnosis, where the techniques of molecular biology reveal the defect in the genes that cause disease in tissues, cells and body fluids, also reveal the genetic structure in cases of specific conditions.