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Vision, Mission, and Goals


Department Vision:

  • Vision:  To achieve leadership, integrity and professionalism in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a commitment to excellence in research, clinical practice and community services.


Department Mission: 

  • To create and facilitate an environment for quality academic learning, development of clinical practice experience and shaping professional and ethical perspectives in accordance with global standards that serve both the community and health-related research.


 Department Goals:

  1.  Sustain and strengthen 1earning and educational environment with national and international standards in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. 
  2. Review the Internal Quality Assurance system periodically to maintain best practices in teaching and learning. 
  3. Enhance the research output of the department via investments in its current infrastructure and further resources to encourage and increase the productivity of high-quality science. 
  4. Improve networking and strategic collaboration with healthcare organizations and national Scientific Communities. 



  1.  Enable students to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in all of the disciplines of clinical laboratory sciences. 
  2.  Prepare leaders and specialists who are capable of providing distinguished expertise and competence in all areas of clinical laboratory practice. 
  3.  Promote multidisciplinary scientific research and support advanced collaborative research projects. 
  4.  Encourage faculty members and students to actively participate in community health awareness activities 
  5. Offer opportunities for continuous professional development in order to meet national needs and international standards 




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