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Philosophy Doctorate Program



  • Program's Vision:

Regional leadership with global reputation in clinical laboratory sciences.

  • Program's Mission:

To prepare highly competent clinical scientists and academics, and promote scientific researches in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  In addition, to contribute to knowledge-based economy to achieve 2030 vision. 

  • Program's Objectives
    1. Preparation of highly qualified academics and researchers in the field of higher education and scientific research to support the sections of clinical laboratory sciences in faculties of applied medical sciences in Saudi Arabia.
    2. Raise the level of scientific research and academic studies in the fields of specialization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    3. Serving the community through the graduation of high qualified lab specialist in the disciplines of the various clinical laboratory sciences, which is reflected on the quality of medical and research services in the government sectors and the private sector.
    4. Enriching the medical biomedical field in the Kingdom through the teaching and training of specialized researchers in the field of medical biomedical sciences.
    5. Enable distinguished students to continue their higher studies and develop their skills and research abilities locally
    6. Devote the roles and responsibilities of college and university faculty members in conducting of biomedical studies through the teaching and training of graduate students.


Program's Outcomes


  • Knowledge and comprehension:
  1. Acquire deep knowledge in the field of clinical laboratory sciences as it relates to various disciplines.
  2. Attain various clinical knowledge in laboratory science and scientific and clinical applications
  3. Understanding the ethics of scientific research and how to apply it with evidence-based scientific evidence.


  • Mental skills:
  1. Enhancing the skills necessary to use and critique specialized scientific sources in the applied clinical laboratory sciences 
  2. Analysis of clinical data and correlate it to laboratory results to understand the clinical diagnosis.
  3. Understand and evaluate biostatistics tools needed to conduct outstanding original research
  • Professional and practical skills:
  1.   Ability to conduct distinguished original research in the fields of clinical laboratory sciences to contribute to the improvement of health policies in Saudi Arabia.
  2.   Ability to supervise clinical laboratory works.
  3.   Ability to adapt to teamwork.
  4.   Use the best and most advanced techniques. 
  5.   Communicate with different medical teams according to the code of ethics.
  6.  Applying the ethics of scientific research in a research project, research methodology and vital statistical tools 
  7. Teaching and training undergraduate students in the fields of clinical laboratory sciences using the best modern teaching methods


  • General Skills:
  1. Excellence in teaching and leadership in the fields of clinical laboratory sciences.
  2. Explore and promote new knowledge in clinical laboratory sciences to contribute to the provision of distinguished health care.
  3. Effective use of new techniques in clinical laboratory sciences specialties in teaching, learning, scientific research and clinical practice.
  4. Ability to communicate and work within medical team with high efficiency.
  • Program Beneficiaries:
    1. Master degree holders in clinical laboratory sciences or relevant medical field such as (Medical Microbiology, Hematology sand Blood Transfusion, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Clinical Pathology). 
    2. Medical field workers.
    3. Universities' academic staff.
    4. Research centres’ staff.
    5. Workers in the pharmaceutical and biological industries.
    6. Workers in the food industry.
    7. Quality management personnel.


Employment Opportunities Available:

  1. Faculty member in government and private universities.
  2. Senior Specialist (qualified for consultant status) in governmental and private clinical laboratories.
  3. Research centres. 
  4. Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA(
  5. Saudi Standers, Metrology and Quality organization.
  6. Pharmaceutical and medical products industry.
  7. Food industry.

·      Admission Requirements:

  • In addition to the admission requirements contained in the unified bylaws for postgraduate studies in Saudi universities and the rules and regulations of organizational and executive graduate studies policies at King Saud University, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences requires the following:
  1. The applicant must have a master's degree in the field of clinical laboratory sciences or a relevant medical fields such as (Medical Microbiology, Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Clinical Pathology) from KSU or any university accredited by Ministry of Education with a grade of not less than (very good) if it is from a university that grants it a grade.
  2. A score of at least (61) in the TOEFL-IBT test on the or equivalent.
  3. Obtain professional classification as a specialist (at least) (for health care workers only).
  4. Students who receive their degrees from abroad must get a certificate of equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  5. To pass the written acceptance exam.
  6. To pass the clinical skills exam.

Requirements for obtaining the Degree:

  • Thesis and some courses option:
    • Pass (19) study units of the program courses.
    • Pass the comprehensive exam.
    • Complete the thesis and defence it successfully.  


  • Program's tracks:
    1. Clinical Biochemistry
    2. Medical Microbiology
    3. Hematology and Blood Transfusion 
    4. Medical Genetics
    5. Clinical Immunology


To communicate with the PhD programs manager:

  • Dr. Raed Ahmed Farzan

    Director of CLS PhD Program

    Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
    College of Applied Medical Sciences
    King Saud University

    Email |

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