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To teach and train competent laboratory specialists with the highest level of knowledge and skills in the delivery of quality healthcare and participation in scientific research and community services



Preparing graduates with the highest level of biomedical knowledge, clinical training and professional ethics to become qualified specialists in the field of clinical laboratory sciences to serve scientific research, healthcare and community services.



Goal 1: Prepare well-educated and highly competent clinical laboratory professionals to serve patients and

the healthcare profession considering legal rules, and ethical standards related to health care services

Goal 2: Encourage students to research and continuing education in Clinical Laboratory Science to

address contemporary professional issues in a way that serves society and contribute to healthcare

improvement Goal 3: Graduate professionals with the capacity to participate in leadership roles and

effectively collaborate with healthcare team to improve patient outcomes and health care services


Objectives of CLS Bachelor program

1: Acquire students advanced knowledge and skills to practice diagnostic techniques, technical processing and analysing specimens.

2: Build student's competencies of critical thinking, and problem-solving to handle clinical laboratory professional issues.

3: Assure compliance of professional legal rules and ethical standards, honesty, and transparency.

4: Provide a stimulating positive learning environment for both the faculty and students.

5: conduct high-quality, multidisciplinary, and evidence-based practice research within clinical laboratory science

6: provide a dynamic and motivating system that support the research environment

7: Instill the principles of life-long learning to empower student’s professional self-development

8: Apply leadership ideas and skills to participate in leadership roles in education and management in the health care services

9: Build effective communication with all healthcare team members, other healthcare providers, patients, and the public.


Career Opportunities: 

Clinical laboratory science program graduate are highly specialised and prepared to work in may dynamic challenging careers such as: 

  • Specialist in clinical laboratories
  • Specialist in forensic laboratories. 
  • Research facilities
  • Academic institutions
  • Medical companies (marketing/sales)

Graduate Attributes (GAs)

  1. Depth of CLS knowledge     CLS program graduates acquire specialized knowledge and skills in the field of CLS and an ability to apply their complete disciplinary knowledge to diverse professional fields.
  2. Critical thinking         CLS program graduates are characterized with their ability to apply theories and analysis of related data Specializing, interpreting and criticizing it scientifically and utilizing it to find solutions of the problems and challenges they confront as consequence of updates and developments in various disciplines.
  3. Technical skills         CLS program graduates are distinguished by a set of technical skills and their ability to optimally employ in all kinds of situations to enable them the provision of specialized and occupational skills.
  4. Effective communication     CLS program graduates are distinguished by their ability to efficiently communicate with others in various fields, being academic or in their professional work environment.
  5. Problem solving skill            CLS program graduates are digitally capable of communicating ideas in an effective manner and create understanding and cooperation with individual or within a team to achieve common goal.
  6. Leadership and responsibility         Alumni of CLS program are distinguished with leadership and responsibility that enable them to take appropriate decisions under various circumstances in various disciplines and situations.
  7. Lifelong Learning      CLS program graduates acquire an ability of continuous learning throughout their life, rendering them competitive and up-to-date with the pace of advancements in all disciplines.
  8. Integrity and professional ethics    The CLS program graduates are committed to the code of integrity and ethical values of their Profession in various disciplines.


Bachelor programs credit hours offered by the cls department

Program curriculum and plans 

Course Description of the Curriculum

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