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CAMS maintains a unified academic system for applying teaching curricula and research programs for both male and female students and faculty alike. Each academic department is considered as a single academic unit or a program in its respective department; hence its respective department council (containing both female and male faculty) and chairperson are responsible for its academic affairs. The role of the supervisors at the Oleysha center is mostly administrative rather than academic. This innovative management structure was devised at CAMS as an effective means to ensure a unified academic policy-setting governance within the college for both male and female campuses who, at present, are located apart (in separate physical locations).

In this respect, the Oleysha campus is not considered branch or separate center because it does not have separate academic departments. Such unified policy-setting governance at CAMS has proven over the past years to strengthen the academic integrity of each department and guarantee non-conflicting academic policies and ensure equal opportunities, privileges and rewards for both male and female populations. In this respect, the same overall policies and procedures are followed across College enrollment as well as the applications for research funds and distinguished publication awards. Furthermore, decision-making in academic affairs is discussed and approved at the level of the Department Council with the full participation of the female members. For this reason, separate SSRs for each campus would not be able to adequately represent the fully integrated nature of CAMS’s academic functions.

The 7 academic departments at CAMS offer 7 different fields of study in applied medical sciences, with 10 Bachelor programs and 4 Master programs. a list of these departments and related educational programs. The description of the departments, their programs offerings and key requirements are detailed in the college guide for studies.

Major milestones in the history of CAMS.





The college is founded as nursing college


College changed its name to college of Allied Health Sciences


College changed its name to the current name (CAMS)


Department of Nursing spun off of CAMS as separate college


Opening of new building at Al-Deriyah campus for male students.

Renovation of Oleysha building and Labs.


Previous CAMS Dean List Since 1396 H        






Dr. Ibrahem Abdulkareem Al Soiag

1396 H - 1976 G

1402 H - 1982G

Dr. Abdulaziz Ali Al Mashari

1403 H - 1983 G

1409 H - 1989 G

Dr. Abdulrahman Fahd Al Soilam

1409 H - 1989 G

1412 H - 1992 G

Dr. Fahd Gaber Al Shamri

1412 H - 1992 G

1419 H - 1999 G

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Kanhal

1419 H - 1999 G

1421 H - 2001 G

Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Mejali

1421 H - 2001 G

1423 H - 2003 G

Dr. Saad Saleh Al Saleh

1423 H - 2003 G

1429 H - 2009 G

Dr. Abdulla Zaban Al Otibi

1429 H - 2009 G

1430 H - 2010 G

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