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Chairman Message Welcome to the Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS) website. CHS is one of the important academic departments within the College of Applied Medical Sciences. The main objective of establishing CHS department is to improve patients' care and treatment, health awareness of individuals in the community, and improve health services in health sectors


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Community Health Sciences

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Vision "Regional leadership and international reputationin the fields of community health“.


Mission To contribute in the health promotion through qualifying internationally competitive specialized cadres in the fields of community health, to produce unique scientific researches that contribute in building the knowledge society and solving priority public health problems, and to mobilize c


Objectives 1. To provide high quality academic programs coinciding with the latest updated knowledge with the expansion in postgraduate studies programs. 2. To prepare leaders and specialists who are capable to provide distinguished care in the fields of community health. 3.


About the Department

About the department of Community Health Sciences

Community Health Sciences (CHS) Department is one of the oldest departments in the College of Applied Medical Sciences. It aims at qualifying competent national graduates to serve the health sectors to promote community health, improve the quality of medical nutrition therapy, enhance health awareness, and empower community members to adopt sound and healthy behaviors, as well as the development of health services, and a sustainable healthy environment. 

The Department of Community Health Sciences seeks to achieve its mission of education, research and services by offering two integrated programs for the betterment of the health of the community, they are: (1) Clinical Nutrition, (2) Health Education. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs available for both male and female students. The Bachelor’s Degree program starts at the third level, and includes specialized theoretical and practical courses over a period of six semesters. After which, students are required to finish a 1-year internship period.

To keep up with the developments in the field of Community Health Sciences, the department is always eager to update its curriculums, teaching methods, classrooms and Clinical Nutrition Laboratories, which are provided with the necessary scientific devices and a number of educational materials.

The graduate studies in the Department were started in 1409H with a Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Nutrition. This program includes 6 semesters: 3 semesters cover a variety of systematic studies in advanced topics in Clinical Nutrition for. The other three semesters are dedicated to prepare for the graduate thesis or dissertation. The department provides an opportunity for outstanding students for the advancement in scientific research in the field of Community Health Sciences and University teaching positions.