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عيادة التغذية العلاجية

Nutrition Clinic

Body Composition Analyzer.

Beam Balance Scale.

Electronic scale.

Sitting position Anthrop meter.

Child Anthropometry, Height measurement Infanometer

Anthropometric-Horizontal (width)- horizon limited.

Child Anthropometry height measurements,  Neonatometer.

Digital baby scale 727 (Baby Scale Korl Kolb).

Harpenden  station meter.

Head Circumference meter.

Skin fold thickness measurements.

ADAM balance food Scale.

Reflection Plus Roche ( Blood Analyzer).

Nutrition Supplements and Specialized Formulas.

Posters and displays.

My Pyramid.

Food Samples.

Serving size teaching models.

Physiology and pathology teaching models.

Education brochures.

Nutritional instructions brochures.

Dolls Models.

PC, printer, scanner and projector.

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