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Programs Degrees

Programs Leading to B.Sc Degree

1. Biomedical Technology

2. Clinical Laboratory Sciences

3. Community Health Sciences:

    i. Clinical Nutrition

    ii. Health Education

    iii. Health Services Administration

    iv. Medical Records Administration

4. Dental Health

    i. Dental Hygiene

    ii. Dental Technology

5. Optometry

6. Radiological Sciences

7. Rehabilitation Sciences

    i. Physical Therapy

    ii. Speech and Hearing Therapy

    iii. Respiration Therapy

    iv. Functional Therapy

Programs Leading to M. Sc. Degree

1. Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Admission Requirements for M.Sc. program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences:

Applying students should have graduated with a B.Sc. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences within the last five years and with a GPA of not less than 3.75. An entrance examination followed by an interview is also conducted for the selection of students to the program.

Master Degree Courses

Master Degree Courses Description 

2. Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Program

Clinical Nutrituin Thesis

3. Physical Therapy

Master Degree Courses

Master Degree Courses Description

4. Optometry and vision Sciences

Optometry Master Program Objectives:

  • Increase the scientific and clinics level of optometry specialist practitioners and train them in specific areas of the optics science, which contributes to raise the clinical service provided to the community.
  • Creative and innovated students training on the design, development and provision of scientific research and clinical studies.
  • Encourage the students with scientific skills to develop and learn the latest developments in science and technology in the opticometry specialty.
  • Enable brilliant students from university graduates to continue their higher education locally.

Master Degree Courses